GYMetrix - Testimonials


One of the most interesting and useful exercises we have done. Practical, specific, actionable and enlightening.

I highly recommend GYMetrix. A game changer.

Steven Schwartz
President and CEO
Midtown Athletic Clubs

Rory and the Gymetrix team did a great job helping us analyze our club, what works, whats not working and how to improve.

The detailed numbers, graphs, and member surveys really made it easy to fix the areas that need fixing and enhance the areas that are working.

Evan Damareck
General Manager
Brick Bodies Padonia

"We always had 'feelings' for what we should do equipment wise and have regrets for purchasing items that we do not need. Gymetrix was able to put tangible data behind these 'feelings' to allow us to make real decisions."

Matt Harrington
GymIt Fitness Centers

"Spending less on gym equipment overall, to make more members happy is compelling alone, but in addition to this optimising approach gives us the capacity to have more members in total.

If we were selling the business tomorrow, adding 10% more members could add 25% to the value of the business, so the commercial drivers for the GYMetrix service are compelling indeed."

Rupert McKenzie Hill
Managing Director
Kiss Gyms

"I truly believe the work GYMetrix is doing will change the way club operators approach making equipment decisions in the future. Every industry evolves over time with better technology and quantitative data analytics. Why the fitness industry has been lagging behind the times for so long is concerning. The largest competitive edge you can have is to embrace the data available to you and act accordingly."

Neil Tejwani
Regional Manager
GymIt Fitness Centers

"GYMetrix represents one of the biggest steps forward the health and fitness industry has taken in the last 20 years"

Jon Johnston
MD Johnson Health Tech UK
Matrix Fitness

"GYMetrix offer a unique service which uses technology intelligently to enable leisure operators to reach valid conclusions based on hard evidence.

We are using the report as part of our tactical review of our Covent Garden club, so that we can tailor gym equipment needs to meet our users expectations and increase customer satisfaction.

This is a work in progress, but we are confident that the GYMetrix data will prove to be a vital tool in this process and we look forward to reporting back in a few months time!"

Phil Rumbelow
Chief Executive
Jubilee Hall Trust

"The GYMetrix analysis is extremely helpful to aid better Gym equipment layout design by focusing on members' real requirements.

It replaces guesswork with a scientific approach to layout design."

John Treharne
The Gym Group

"Gymetrix did a tremendous job for us - their analysis, insight and recommendations really informed our thinking and ensured we optimised the investment into our fitness facilities."

Kevin Paterson
Chief Executive
Valley Leisure

"On the back of the analysis of the two clubs that were measured, we've changed our standard new club installation and moved a lot of kit around the portfolio to make it more efficient and save on costs."

Jon Wright
Chief Executive Officer
Xercise 4 Less

"For a site as large as ours (in excess of 200 stations) with well over 5,000 members the GYMetrix study was commissioned to collect robust data to enable better informed purchasing decisions as well as provide insights into how we can further improve our customer's experience.

We had high expectations of Rory and his team and we were not disappointed. Our industry is growing increasingly more competitive and it is simply not good enough anymore to rely on the "gut instinct" of gym managers and instructors. The information we have now will lead to further business improvement, not just now but long into the future too."

James Starbuck
Chief Executive
Basingstoke & District Sports Trust

"Incredibly detailed and informative report which took the guesswork out of planning a gym extension."

Neil Harrison
Head of Operations
Wave Leisure Trust Ltd

"The GYMetrix study is a very useful reference point and allows our managers to make data lead decisions in the best interests of our customers.

We believe that in following its recommendations we will have happier customers and be able to continue to offer a value for money product."

Barclay Harvey
Head of Sport Jersey
State of Jersey Council

"I have been in the industry for over 30 years and it is rare to discover a product that is not only truly innovative but fully developed. I would ask colleagues who are planning significant investment in fitness equipment, to contemplate their current process of building their specification. I have yet to find anyone who convinces me that they have a method based on fact rather than supposition.

Gymetrix offers this alternative and the initial small investment will, in my view, be recouped through the process of purchasing and many times over on future bottom line performance, by providing your customer base with the range of equipment they actually want!"

Martin Guyton
Chairman South East Leisure Centre Operators SELCO
Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

"GYMetrix have provided us with unique and insightful information on our members usage patterns and equipment preferences within the gym. This will help ensure our future buying decisions are made with more scientific and careful consideration.

GYMetrix continue to challenge themselves, to further improve the data and the accuracy of the results presented to their customers."

Paul Batty
Head Of Procurement
David Lloyd

"The GYMetrix feedback report was an extremely powerful tool prompting more thoughts and actions in relation to our health and fitness operation than I have ever come across.

It's said to understand customers views walk in their shoes for a day! This feels like we managed to take a walk with over 2,500 customers for the week and really understand what adds value to their experience."

John Hawkins
Head of Leisure
Blackpool Council

"I am pleased to recommend GYMetrix as a partner organisation. The project will not only enhance customer retention and provide our customers with the equipment that they value most but will assist in the future delivery of fitness at all of the LiveWire sites.

Rory is as enthusiastic as LiveWire staff and he is the driving force of GYMetrix with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a number of key areas. I would encourage other organisations who are considering change to contact GYMetrix and start the journey in evidencing what customers value, what change is required and in what numbers. This project has provided LiveWire with an invaluable level of information that we will use as we develop the service for our customers."

Keith Maddock
Head of Neighbourhood Wellbeing
Livewire Warrington

"I was a bit skeptical about whether the survey would help us but after seeing the reports I was converted, thank you GYMetrix."

George Taylor

"The presentation of results, the corresponding discussions and interpretation and recommendations are proving invaluable to us in helping us understand what our customers want, what they find frustrating and some of the steps we need to take to improve customer satisfaction levels.

Scientific, systematic and superb information, presented in a way the whole team could buy into. The results have made us reconsider a number of longer term plans, and allowed us to create some immediate impact. This will pay for its self in a matter of months."

Brian Gray
Business Manager-Development
One Leisure

"Factual real data. Not assumptions. Great factual information that showed the entire picture of what was needed and or not needed to make the customer happy.

Friendly reliable team that delivered on install, removal and presentation feedback, as and when promised."

Justin Way
Regional Manager
Pure Gym

"A further study undertaken in February 2012 not only provided us with further useful management information about machine use it also highlighted an impressive 123% increase in our NPS (customer satisfaction) score.

I am sure that without the GYMetrix information we would not have achieved this level of improvement."

Niall Sturrock
Head of Sports and Recreation
University of Strathclyde

"The Gymetrix study proved invaluable to help us truly understand the capacity challenges we were facing.

The mix of short, medium and long term recommendations provided appropriate, realistic actions that could be implemented in the knowledge they would directly improve the customer experience."

Rob Wadsworth
Head of Sport, The Edge
University of Leeds

The range of analysis was great and all valuable. It has made a significant impact on planning the new facility areas. For insight into how your facility really works and what your customers really want then get yourself "gymetrixed"

Julie Ommer
Director of Sport
University of Glasgow

"Gymetrix is a very intuitive piece of research that will help all fitness facilities maximise space to increase customer satisfaction and resultant income.

I believe that the depth and breadth of the information the research provides will become an integral part of the fitness industry in future years."

Dan Porter
Head of Sport Services
Sheffield Hallam University

"Having recently upgraded the gym in line with the majority of recommendations from the 1st GYMetrix report completed last year we have reduced our depreciation costs per item against use and increased attendance by about 30%.

The statistical information provided during the re assessment has allowed us to further improve our service delivery to our customers, provide supporting information to our Board for further equipment purchase / expansion.

This whole process undertaken by Rory and his team was both operationally easy and unobtrusive to our customers, I have no reservations in recommending GYMetrix and would suggest that all gym providers could save on their expenditure and gain valuable insight into their gym."

Craig Steedman
Head of Operations
Inverness Leisure

"GYMetrix offers an invaluable and highly professional service - providing detailed information that supports planning and informed decision making on equipment provision and gym design - it provides an objective and systematic analysis of gym provision and customer demand.

I would strongly recommend Gymetrix to all providers -it is an exercise worth undertaking even if you are not considering refurbishment programme!!!"

Brian Ewing
Director ISE
Dundee University

"Some things I thought that I knew and would have put money on were not only challenged by GYMetrix but turned upside down. It ultimately has given us a cultural change with how we fit out gyms and how we interact with Clients"

Patrick Murphy
Operations Manager
South Lanarkshire Leisure

"Finally, thanks to Rory and his GYMetrix system, there is a tool in the marketplace that enables fitness providers to systematically and objectively quantify their fitness equipment provision.

With the help of GYMetrix for the first time ever I know for certain that the equipment locations, types and quantities in our fitness suites are 100% right: 100% right for us, 100% right for our members."

Mark Tokeley
Operations Manager
Renfrewshire Leisure

"If you have any accountability for the commercial performance of fitness gyms I can tell you now that GYMetrix will maximise the commercial return on your investment in equipment, increase your member retention rates, and improve your staff motivation

Anybody can run a Fitness Gym, that's easy! But running a commercially successful Gym with the right equipment, in the right place, for the right reasons, at the right time for the right members, that's hard. I would recommend that every Fitness Gym operator take a long hard look at the benefits of Gymetrix, ... because your members are worth it!"

Bill Hayburn
Operations Manager
Glasgow Life

"The work undertaken by Gymetrix was completed in a professional manner and Gymetrix staff worked around daily operational challenges within the fitness environment.

The results of the study flagged an operational requirement to adjust the location and type of fitness equipment throughout the fitness suite area.

The results and changes made were then tested again and the results demonstrated a significant positive impact for the gym and for users alike.

The information produced by Gymetrix was informative, easy to understand, relative and at a cost which will not be a challenge for any fitness operator."

Ben Stuart
Operations Manager
Glasgow Life

"Rory and his team, were professional throughout the project, and always reacted with the up most professionalism when asked to turn reports around within a short time frame. Rory and his team were a pleasure to have in the Club and the whole process was carried out with the member always at the back of their mind."

Ian Forster
Operation Manager
Nuffield Health

"GYMetrix provide a unique service that fundamentally questions how we specify fitness equipment within facilities to meet customer expectations.

Rather than looking at what we want to give customers, or what customers think they want, the service allows to analysis what customers use, when the use it and whether it is sufficiently available for them to meet their goals.

If you are looking to extend a facility, refurbish with new equipment or make a business case for investment, the service GYMetrix can provide is invaluable."

Andrew Miller
Operations Manager
Sheffield Hallam University

"Gymetrix provides critical data to make informed management decisions rather than making decisions on perception that can be a common theme in the fitness industry."

Mark Hyndman
Sports Operations Manager
RHUL Sport

"The information provided by Gymetrix was invaluable and has helped us to make some informed decisions on which facilities to develop and what equipment to invest in."

Lisa Arnold
Operations Manager
Blackpool Council

"GYMetrix has transformed the way in which we analyse our fitness equipment. The extent of the detail surpassed our expectations and will ensure our future purchasing is targeted, is in respond to actual customer demand and provides real evidenced based justification to satisfy Board Members, Managers and Customers of the financial spend. All gym operators considering equipment replacements should consider the study before making critical decisions."

Karl Hayes
Group Operations Manager
Impulse Leisure

"GYMetrix exceeded our expectations with the level of detail given in their final analysis. No stone was left unturned in determining which pieces of equipment were used how often and at what times. This is an invaluable resource in assessing member satisfaction."

Mark Comerie
Pure Gym Manchester Exchange Quay

"GYMetrix has helped us add value to our business by identifying how to utilize very square foot of our Gym space in the most cost effective way."

Ben Freeman
General Manager
The Gym Brighton, London Road

"Rory and his team are exceptional at what they do, the reporting project is incredibly detailed and provides you with a clear picture of how your facility is being utilised as well as where equipment is costing you money.

I would highly recommend GYMetrix as they are experts in their respective field."

Dan Scott
Gym Manager
PureGym Edinburgh Quartermile

"GYMetrix were fantastic in providing a detailed analysis of our equipment usage and provided very relevant feedback from our members as well! The end report was easy to interpret and allowed us to grow our business sensibly with hard data backing us."

Nadia Cole
General Manager
The Gym London Angel

"Be prepared to be amazed, all is not what you think it is."

Carina Botha
General Manager
The Gym Hounslow

"A great way to measure our members' fitness, which we can then add value to our business making a positive impact to our members."

Paula Sinfield
General Manager
The Gym Hemel Hempstead

"GYMetrix is the company that will bring a long-awaited paradigm shift to an industry which is behind the curve."

Adam York
General Manager
Kiss Gyms

"GYMetrix ,making gyms fit in partnership with our vision of making our customers fit should prove to be a valuable tool to enable us to achieve our goals."

David Carey
General Manager
Galleon Centre

"Since opening Splashpoint, we have had a number of varied comments from customers wanting more weights equipment and less of the traditional CV machines, we also had concerns on the layout of the gym.

The GYMetrix survey has clarified what we need to change to maximise our space and retain our customer satisfaction."

Cathy Hunter
Facility Manager
Worthing Leisure Centre

"Rory's end of project presentation was well delivered and supported by his experience of other projects added real value."

Gary Livsey
Commissioning & Business Development
Gateshead Council

"The process has raised questions for us to discuss and debate and I am confident we will save money during the procurement of equipment next year as a result of the GYMetrix survey."

Alex Haines
Partnership Manager
Halo Leisure

"I believe the information is of enormous value to us and will allow us to be well informed during our upcoming Fitness Equipment Procurement.

We have identified areas for improvement, some a short term, some longer term, we have already made some of the smaller changes and have received positive feedback from our members."

Richard Preece
General Manager
Halo Leisure

"GYMetrix provided an excellent service, which is unique within the fitness industry. It provided valuable data - both from equipment usage and from our members - which will make us question our future tendering process and our current fitness facilities.

GYMetrix will form part of our research and development process going forward."

Fraser MacKenzie
KA Leisure

"Nuffield Health have worked with GYMetrix on a number of gym floor projects and will be looking to do more work with Rory and the team in the future.

The ability to provide such detailed insight into the specific usage patterns of members whilst on the gym floor has really helped us to make significant improvements to our member experiences. With their enthusiastic and professional approach it has been a pleasure to work with GYMetrix and I would not hesitate to recommend their service."

Rick Crawford
Fitness & Wellbeing Programme Manager
Nuffield Health

"This is one of the most beneficial pieces of research we have ever completed within the gym environment. It is essential that Gymetrix is utilised to gain an exact understanding on what equipment your customers use and it is crucial to complete prior to commencing a refurbishment programme. The customer survey was also hugely valuable to find out exactly why customers were not accessing certain pieces of equipment i.e. powerplate."

Karen Armstrong
Service Development Manager
Edinburgh Leisure

"It has been fascinating working with Gymetrix and being given the evidence to challenge the industry suppliers in terms of what our customer wants and needs.

The surveying of members has given us much to think about and to find out that it is positive feedback in the main is fantastic.

We have tried to do this in the past and it is never easy to get staff buy in so to have the professionals in to do the job was great.

We now have the ammunition to change our facilities for the better and look forward to working with Gymetrix in the future."

Paul Mansell
Monmouthshire County Council Leisure Services

"I would highly recommend anyone considering a gym refurbishment to have a Gymetrix study carried out, we have benefited greatly from this and believe we will improve our customer satisfaction based on implementing the findings from the reports."

Valerie Kemp
Sport and Physical Activity Manager
South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Ltd.

"We received an excellent service both in terms of data and intelligent insight into the way our business operates and how it compares with other providers. It is a small outlay of resource that provides significant potential benefits to a number of strands of the business; equipment make up and location and also staffing and staff practices."

Ian Graham
Stirling University

"The GYMetrix studies carried out at the South Lanarkshire Leisure sites have provided invaluable information for future investment plans as well as for current service improvement strategy."

Paul Barton
Area Recreational Manager
South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Ltd

"MCC Leisure Services are determined to plan services from a customer viewpoint and working to identify value whilst removing waste.

Gaining the "What matters" insight from our customers is essential.

Within our gym environment, the concept of gaining insight into customer feelings on usage of equipment and also providing us with actual usage/availability of equipment has given us the most effective map of our fitness suites available.

Thank you to the GYMetrix team, your professionalism and service is excellent."

Ian Saunders
Leisure Activities Manager
Monmouthshire County Council Leisure Services

"The GYMetrix project identified that we had a mis-match between equipment provision and member demand. This allowed us to review the CV equipment mix and supplement in areas we were short. It will also allow us to have a better indication of 'user demand' when we replace our CV equipment next year."

Niall Sturrock
Strathclyde University

"An extremely valuable insight into how the gym is utilised, the analysis gave key points for us to plan our future refurbishment to maximise customer satisfaction and spend budget strategically."

Vicky Kennedy
Recreational Officer
Larkhall Centre

" If you want to know what your customers truly want, or the potential to expand or how to better utilise a space then Gymetrix will deliver you that information in a powerful and meaningful way."

Ross Nixon
Health & Fitness Coordinator
Glagow Life

"GYMetrix has proved to be an invaluable service...

The collation of this new information has allowed me to quantify my actions and business plan objectives to executive management and will allow me to drive the business forward in an efficient and effective manner.

I will continue to use this service to analyse the effects of my actions and continuous improvement of service delivery..."

Ian Thompson
Recreation Officer South Lanarkshire
Leisure and Culture Blantyre Leisure Centre

"A very valuable exercise which provided us with excellent information which will help us not only in future purchases of equipment but also in our Marketing, Membership Promotions and Staffing Levels."

David Hasson
Galleon Centre

"The result of the study enabled us to better accommodate the needs of our users, giving us a clear and practical solution to optimise our service and therefore further improve customer satisfaction."

David Mcewan
South Lanarkshire Lifestyles

"The GYMetrix team are very professional in everything they do.

The information they provide is of a first class standard and is invaluable to any fitness provider, even if you are not looking to expand your facilities, the feedback and results you get from the study will surprise you and stand you in a good position to truly deliver a first class fitness offering"

Craig Dalley
Fitness Manager
York University

"You just can't afford not to use GYMetrix"

Caroline Broadbent
Program Manager
Leeds Council

"GYMetrix is a valuable tool that any operator wanting to invest in equipment and really wanting to meet customers needs should take time to use.

The stats and data from their reports are an excellent starting point for looking at exercise provision and making the right change based on facts!"

Jon Giles
Multi-site Manager
Jubilee Hall Trust

"Bolton Community Leisure Trust have been delighted with the research and data produced by the team at GYMetrix.

It has helped make sound and informed decisions about the layout and equipment type for a capital investment project.

The functionality of the data platform used is very impressive!"

Sally Kurton
Partnership Manager

"The system is well thought out to give a valuable hotspot system of machine usage within a gym environment throughout opening times of the area.

It also gives a chance to see what the customers find positive and negative about the gym environment."

Peter Clark
Fitness Manager
Sheffield International Venues

"Gymetrix has completely changed the way we look at our fitness suite.

The data the study provides is comprehensive. If you had asked me what the top 5 most used bits of equipment were before the study I would have told you something completely different!

The study has enabled us to be smarter in the way we operate on a daily basis and provides key data on how we select equipment for future developments.

I honestly believe that Gymetrix was one of the main reasons Impulse Leisure has been recommended to go for a Flame award."

Carl Black
Corporate Fitness Coordinator
Impulse Leisure

"This service was invaluable for our planned gym extension. It enabled us to plan what kit was necessary and what could be removed. We needed to maximize space in our new build and gymetrix not only did this for us but also saved us money.

If you are in the same boat, don't plan a gym extension blindly. Use gymetrix and get it right!"

Oli Martin
Health and Fitness Manager
Tonbridge School Centre

"The report highlighted that we didn't need to buy so many pieces of equipment therefore I could change my order and save £20,000!"

Jess Browning
Physical activity and development Manager
Valley Leisure